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Parent Involvement

As a cooperative school, Cherry Hill Nursery School is owned and operated by the Parents' Association (all parents of current students). This structure provides ample opportunity for parents to be involved in the education of their children and to form a community of supportive and friendly parents. Not only do the various responsibilities around the school benefit our children, as parents we also have the opportunity to build skills and gain first-hand experience.

Some examples of important responsibilities at our school include leading the Parents' Association, organizing parties, play dates and fundraisers, posting to social media and getting the word out about our school, conducting financial and strategic planning, acting as room parents and finding new and interesting ways to enhance and expand our children's learning experiences. Whether a parent works full-time, part-time or stays at home, we facilitate a mutually beneficial role for each and every parent.

Helping Parent — an engaging morning in the classroom

If you choose the co-op tuition option, you will spend one morning per month in the classroom with your child and bring in a snack for the class one or two times per month. You will assist teachers in lots of ways such as preparing snack, reading stories, helping with art projects or going on nature walks. And you will learn lots of creative and inspiring activities to do with our children at home.

Sometimes dedicating this amount of time at the school does not fit in your busy schedule. By choosing the non-co-op tuition option, you can opt out of your helping mornings and the school will provide snacks on your behalf.


We request that each family helps in some way with fundraising because it generates a significant portion of our annual income. Money raised is used to offset tuition increases, fund special programs, and buy new supplies and equipment. In addition to providing funds for the school, fundraising events provide a wonderful opportunity for getting acquainted and accomplishing something together. Fundraising projects include a book fair at Barnes & Noble, a play date at Princeton Playspace and the Spring Silent Auction.

If a family chooses not to participate in fundraising activities, they may simply utilize the $300 buy-out option.

On-call List

Parents choose a few days through out the year in which they are "on-call." On the rare occasion in which a teacher is unable to come in to school and the substitute teacher list has been exhausted, parents serve as on-call substitute teachers.

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