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Welcome to Cherry Hill Nursery School!

Our Philosophy

We focus on connecting with each child as an individual.

Every school day morning, our children walk through the doors at CHNS with their own personalities, character traits, and unique perspectives on the world around them. They are appreciated for who they are and the amazing potential they hold.

There are many ways to connect with children such as artistic expression, free play, laughter, games, challenges, and above all always listening and always noticing. This is the way we teach our children that they have value.

We believe children learn how to respect others by being treated with respect. They learn how to make friends by being befriended. And their own inner voices are influenced for the better when we speak to them with kindness and patience.

CHNS is a "home away from home" for our children, a place where they feel happy, understood, and appreciated. We focus on connecting with each child as an individual.

A Cooperative School

We are a cooperative school that is owned and operated by the Parents Association.

A cooperative school has distinct advantages. All parents have the opportunity to participate in the decision making process. With singular focus, the parents' priorities are the school's priorities.

Parents participate in the classroom and observe the children and teachers first hand, they acquire new ideas about early childhood education and how best to support their own child, and form great friendships with fellow parents and teachers along the way.

On our helping days, we cherish the opportunity to slow down, get down on the floor with our kids, play, laugh, and enjoy many special moments. As a community, we are here to support one another through the ups and downs of parenting young children and lay a solid foundation for our children's education.

Our Mission

For young children, learning takes place through play — socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Therefore we provide a setting in which children have ample opportunity to play, explore, create and express their unique individuality. We have a plethora of diverse materials and equipment that delights and inspires the children. This takes place inside the classroom, on the playground, in the garden and in the adjacent Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve and we take full advantage of all of these wonderful spaces.

Utilizing playfulness and fun to ignite our children's interest, the teachers begin to introduce some age-appropriate academic skills such as math, language arts, and practice following directions so that our children are fully prepared for Kindergarten when the time comes. Because we are well aware that children develop at their own rate and in their own time, a great deal of time is spent one-on-one with children as they are introduced to appropriate, satisfying and stimulating first-hand experiences.

We also believe that in order for learning to take place a child must feel safe and secure. Through modeling kindness, patience and empathy, our teachers create a positive environment in which all of the children feel supported. In our classrooms, there is a sense of wellness and contentment and all of the children feel a part of something special.

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